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Radical LabourPro

Radical LabourPro is an advanced, fully automated Contract Labor Management Software organizing end-to-end CLM process. Radical LabourPro is a cloud-based, fully automated Contractor Labor Management Software Solution, specifically designed for medium & large organizations in order to manage all their contract worker management processes. CLMS covers workforce planning, enrollment, e-pass, attendance, access control, Compliance, Shift Roster and Scheduling, contract billing summary, etc. Major benefit of having a CLMS in an organization is the Visual presentation of daily follow-ups. It saves time compared to running multiple reports and increases the ability to make more informed decisions based on the information collected.

Industry Challenges

  • Manual time & Attendance record
  • Lack of real-time information
  • No Transparency between company & contractor
  • Less Data Authenticity
  • Legal & Statutory needs are not covered
  • Shift scheduling
  • No softcopy of Documentation
  • Entrance of Blacklisted employees
  • Management & contractor billing calculation
  • No working track
  • Unavailability of Medical facilities
  • Compliance management

Why LabourPro?

LabourPro is a cloud-based, fully automated Contractor Labour Management Software Solution which is specifically designed to cover workforce planning, enrolment, e-pass, attendance, access control, contract billing summary and all such processes involved in medium & large organizations.

Proxy Workers

Background Verification

Integration with Attendance Kiosk

Attendance Register

Web based Dashboard

Wages Calculation

Contractor Bill Verification

Safety Measure

Performance training

Customized ID Cards


Departmental Portal

Contractor Portal

Email Notifications
SMS Notifications
Automated Alerts
Document Management
Forms Download Module (optional)
SAP / ERP Integration (optional)
Tracing & Compliances Reports
Alerting & Mobile App


Time and Attendance System

UHF Reader

Face Detector



No matter how large, small, complex or unique you are, we can provide you with the appropriate time and attendance scheduling and HR solutions.



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