GPS Tracking System

GPS Vehicle Tracking System

Our Radical Global Company deals with the innovative GPS technology integrated with mobile communications techniques and computers found in automatic GPS tracking systems and cab dispatching systems. Our GPS vehicle tracking system and can dispatch systems remain perfectly compatible with web based platforms and Windows. In this way, our customers can easily get the opportunity to track their trucks, cabs, cars and any other types of vehicles with the help of cell phone devices. Major functions performed by our Vehicle Tracking System will include

Logistics Vehicles

Accurate ETA i.e. Estimated Time of Arrival and safety of goods in the road are two important factors related to field services, transportation and logistics industries. Because of this, professionals working under Radical Global provide these industries with different types of effective solutions, so that customers can easily avail varying services, including monitoring, security, scheduling and planning. By simply adapting latest and innovative technologies related to advanced communications and RFID, we allow our administrator towards tracing and tracking of exact positions of vehicles and informing them at the time when people require any type of assistance.

School Bus

GPS Vehicle Tracking System allows for different types of operations to manage different types of bus or vehicle operations and to monitor the present status of vehicles. By simply enabling Geofencing facility, parents can notify in advance the accurate drop off and pickup timings of school buses. Furthermore, with the help of RFID technology, the system can notify parents when kids board buses at their schools. In case, any child board in the wrong bus, RFID technology sends message alert to parents and the tracking management system. Here, you have to see the actual position of vehicles and find out the situation or position when they fail to follow the actual route in spontaneous way as possible. With the availability of Vehicle Tracking System, people can easily configure the actual system to send SMS and email alerts whenever any type of violation takes place with your rules.