RFID Event Management System

Unlike bar coding, which stops tracking customer data at the point of entry, Radical uses RFID credentials to track and record patron movement inside the venue for real-time updates.

Our event management RFID solutions have no line-of-sight restrictions or manual data entry requirements, to automate data tracking and eliminate data entry error. With no data collection responsibilities, event personnel can offer more individual attention and better customer service, both at the VIP and patron levels.

Radical delivers the meetings and events industry with best-in-class technology that can handle the entire event lifecycle from start to finish. Our event management platform has something to help you at each stage of your event-from finding unique venues, setting up a budget, marketing your events and hosting online registration, to easing the check-in process, engaging your attendees onsite, and ultimately providing you with post-event analytics to measure your inevitable success.

In today's economy, organizations are re-evaluating their systems and processes with a new level of scrutiny. Rapid ROI is a key factor in decision-making and Radical's comprehensive online event management technology platform delivers it immediately. It's time to say goodbye to point solutions and manual processes, and embrace the power of the platform!

Customized event management RFID integration

Your event management RFID solution begins with an on-site assessment of your operating environment and IT infrastructure. We review traffic patterns and the relative popularity of your amenities, looking for ways to improve your asset management and customer service, and making sure you have the real-time updates you need with placement of RFID interrogators and combinations of fixed and handheld RFID readers.

Radical integrates RFID credentials tracking with your IT infrastructure, combining our customized RFID software and hardware (you print and encode RFID credentials for VIPs and patrons with up to 96 bits of product information). These RFID credentials can tie into patron kiosks for social media integration, badge upgrades and increased event access - all with the convenience of self-service. These customized RFID credentials also work with credit cards to turn event tickets or bracelets into digital wallets with stored value, working with credit cards to support prepayment, loyalty programs, upgrades and merchandising.

One Solution
Across all your EVENTS

Supports Different Event Types

We support a multitude of badge technologies including RFID and NFC. Any of these badges can be either paper or plastic. Radical is flexible to your event needs in order to support your overall goals and objectives.

Understanding RFID

As a pioneer in RFID technology, Radical has perfected the way event managers are able to capture attendance information at conferences and events thus enhancing ROI. By embedding RFID within an attendance badge, it communicates with readers strategically placed at designated areas within the event venue. Data can be captured to monitor session attendance, track show floor


The world's most technologically advanced RFID credentials

RFID access control
  • Scans in and out
  • Reads hundreds of badges simultaneously
  • Layered access
    • Patron gates
    • Media Center
    • Club-level seating
    • Employees-only areas
    • General parking
    • VIP parking
RFID business intelligence/Customer analytics
  • Length of stay
  • Peak time
  • Traffic flow
  • Capacity
  • Population segmentation
  • Real-time counts
  • Hot spots
  • Advanced registration
  • Email and mobile number capture
  • Populate social media
  • Arrival information (updates on less congested routes, etc.)
  • Database development
  • Inventory tracking and management (intake and restocking)
  • Expedited checkout at counters
  • Baggage claim
Digital wallet/Stored value
  • Merchandise
  • Concessions
  • Dynamic pricing and packaging
Sponsor/Corporate partnership Benefits
  • Automated real-time validation
  • VIP tracking for better customer service
  • Available photo verification

Radical offers innovative software for event management.

Simple, streamlined setup

Customize your event page and start selling tickets in minutes.

Instant access, anytime

Get real-time data and analytics to make better business decisions.

Strong, world-class platform

Rely on 99.9% uptime fueled by our strong engineering team.

Quick, seamless registration

Convert more participants with simple registration process.

Smart, relevant marketing

Reach a greater audience with social tools and highly personal content.

At your service, 24/7

Rest assured we're here for you and your participants day and night.

Features for Event Organizers

  • Discount code management
  • Peer-to-peer fundraising support
  • Mobile on-site check-in tools
  • Integrated merchandise sales
  • Robust, real-time sales and data reports
  • Personalized email invitations

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