RFID Student Attendance

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Why School's Should Adopt

RFID Based Attendance?
Schools adopting RFID technology stay ahead in competition. Maintaining automatic regularity of student attendance and taking action against late-comers and non-attendees, schools can not only enhance academic performance of students but also play an active role in the holistic development of each student. RFID technology also helps enhance classroom security
The traditional method of taking attendance of students by calling roll numbers or names is a time consuming process. Schools can overcome this inefficiency and address the problem adopting RFID based attendance. RFID I-Cards help automatically record student's attendance. Teachers can thus devote more time in effective teaching.
A class generally accommodates a large number of students. Manual signing or roll calling not only distracts attention of both teachers and students but also often lead to false attendance record. There are also chances of losing the attendance sheet owing to any possible negligence. This can be avoided with RFID technology
At the end of a semester or a term, teachers often conduct attendance analysis and provide scores accordingly. Manual computation for obtaining a large number of student's attendance percentage is highly time-consuming. RFID facilitates attendance analysis with a click of the mouse in seconds!
Automatic recording of the movements and locations of students including their tracking and monitoring in the school campus or in the classroom is easy with RFID technology. Come any emergency or requirement, they can be contacted fast and easily. RFID also facilitates teacher attendance including their allocation of subjects at specified periods

How Its Work

Student enters/ Exists School/ College and shows up the identity card in front of a RFID Card Reader
Student card has a RFID device assembled in it.
RFID card Reads OR Senses the card, it reads and stroes the data
Card reader transmit the data over GPRS network to our cloud central server
Our server inserts the student entry in the database
Our server then contact our SMS gateway to send SMS to student guardian/parents.
School/College administrator can go to Web Access to see and manage the attendance data

RFID School Attendence Feature

RFID School Attendence

Touch and Go Model
  • Capability to store maximum records in real time
  • In-built real time clock
  • In-built communication interface for interpretation and processing of data
  • Maximum reading range, transmitting signals at certain frequencies
  • Auto attendance of students as soon as student enters school premise / class Tracking, monitoring, and identification of students in school premise and in GPRS-enabled school buses in real time
  • Generation of attendance reports daily / monthly / quarterly / annually.
  • Keeping records of late arrival, early departure and time summary
  • Storage of complete attendance data
  • Easy transmission of information from the RFID tag to central backend management systems

RFID School Attendence

GATE READER / Walk Through Model
  • Accurate & Automatic Student Attendance.
  • No need to show card to reader or any other device. So NO waiting time at gate when many students coming together in small time frame.
  • No Need to Change anything In Current Practice of Operation.
  • Automatic Daily SMS to Parents on Arrival/Leave of student from school.
  • Automatic SMS to Parents of Absent Students or student not leaving school after standard school time is over.
  • Besides daily tracking of the child, InSchool Attendance system can also be used to inform parents on the Events, Holidays and Change in any schedule of the school.
  • Daily / Weekly /Monthly / Yearly Absentee/Attendance Report.
  • Manual Entry Option for student who forgot his/her ID card.
  • Bulk SMS facility for special events and announcements.
Benefits to Parent / School
  • High-end technology that ensures complete safety and security of the child.
  • Automated updates to parents of their children at the time of arrival and leaving school premises.
  • Attendance of students recorded and stored through our Tracking report even in case parents' mobile number is not reachable.
  • Besides daily tracking of the child, RFID Time & Attendance system also informs parents on the Events, Holidays and Change in any schedule of the school.
  • Helps in reducing stress level and anxiety of parents regarding the whereabouts of their children.
  • Help Desk Support provides assistance to parents to update any changes in their Mobile numbers.
  • Very-Tiny" technology embedded in ID cards in such a way that it will not even be noticed by children.
  • Helps in inculcating principles of discipline and punctuality in the child, Leads to better confidence on school by parent/guardian.
  • Makes for a Creative Step in the Indian Education System.
  • Sets a standard benchmark for schools in terms of Highly Specialized Technology.
  • Almost Zero Startup Cost - Works on Software-as-Service (SaS) Model, so no need to invest anything in terms of infrastructure or licensing cost by school.


Regularity of student attendance is a key concern in schools and universities alike. Their overall academic performance depends on attendance to a great extent. RFID based attendance system facilitates auto attendance saving time for both teachers and students besides also enhancing the school's monitoring system. The fully automated technology is highly flexible and reliable to use. It gives accurate results and reduces paper based work, thus reducing environmental impact.