Access Control System

RFID Access Control Systems

Nowadays, majority of business organizations and companies require an efficient access controlling system to assure high level of security. Most of the companies have already started availing RFID technology based access control systems to avail some significant benefits, which include

  • Enhancement of security to put a limit on access to various restricted areas
  • Tracking different activities of employees in as effective way as possible
  • Improvement in the prevention of loss
  • Compliance towards government regulated and internal security measures

Functions Performed by RFID Access Control Systems

RFID Access Control System possess the potential and capability to provide efficient and easy solution. You can read different badges of RFID even at a suitable distance as compared to any other traditional technologies, while you can easily over-write embedded electronic information for every badge. Hence, by the help of enhanced reading distance, you can activate the CCTV camera and several other tracking technologies in combination with employees remained in their vicinities.

In addition, you can read multiple RFID badges in simultaneous way. Hence, you can receive, store and monitor important information related to attendance, employee access, performed duties and various others in easy and in effective way. Furthermore, you can tie access information to LDAP or Windows Active Directory for authentication of users and therefore be synchronized properly to authorized access schemes.

Benefits of RFID Control Systems

RFID Solutions provided by our Radical Global Company can easily implement wide range of solutions to resolve access control concern of your business firm or organization. With the help of innovative solutions itself, you could expect to enhance security of your company and achieve easy tracking for different activities performed by employees. Our systems will make sure about compliance of your organization with every latest government and security regulations and intend to build and improve your already existing programs related to current loss prevention.