RFID Auto Attendance System

Radical Global has come out with a latest RFID student attendance system for attendance management. Attendance needs to be taken at various places including school & colleges, institutes for students and in the industries for the login & logout time of employees. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) based attendance management system can be used in any college or university, institute or company & so many other places. The main objective is to take the attendance of students or employees to provide the functionalities of the overall system such as displaying live ID tags transactions, registering ID, deleting ID, recording attendance collection and other purpose based on the usage. This RFID student attendance tracking system provides realistic, secure and automatic attendance management in schools.

Traditionally, the security of any school or college is highly relied on the human’s effort and attention like guardians and teachers etc. It is complicated to exactly track the attendance since the children arrive in a period of time with their parents or by school bus. However, parents do not get any active informing service like when and whether their children safely arrive in their classroom. We develop an active RFID attendance system to overcome the barriers and mistakes of taking attendance manually & to provide real time responses to their parent’s phone. A noticing message will be convey to administrators and parents if the children do not show up in a class on time so that the parents & guardians will get enough time to check out their children and
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prevent accident happens. Another main purpose of the system is to relieve the traffic jam around the school or college after class, parents drive to school to pick up their children at the same time. Many cars would get stuck because they all temporarily park in front of the school and wait to find out their children and bring them out. With the prior distributed RFID tags carried by parents, the system can detect the approaching cars in a specific distance and identify the children who would be picked up next. Thus, the school system would read the children name and guardians & help them to bring them out without additional waiting.

With Radical Global RFID system, student attendance management will become easier, efficient, accurate & accessible. It can also be used in shops, shopping malls, hospitals, government offices, companies to monitor staffs attendance.