Our Radical Global Company deals with the innovative GPS technology integrated with mobile communications techniques and computers found in automatic GPS tracking systems and cab dispatching systems. Our GPS vehicle tracking system and can dispatch systems remain perfectly compatible with web based platforms and Windows. In this way, our customers can easily get the opportunity to track their trucks, cabs, cars and any other types of vehicles with the help of cell phone devices. Major functions performed by our Vehicle Tracking System will include.vehicle

Real-Time GPS Tracking Service for Mobile Phones and Traditional GPS Trackers.

Key Challenges in Fleet Management

  • Where is the vehicle located at the moment?
  • Is the vehicle going on the pre-defined route or are there any deviations?
  • Is the vehicle going at optimal speed? Is there any over speeding?
  • Is vehicle being misused by traveling to unofficial locations?
  • How to identify operational inefficiencies so as to improve the operational productivity?


The Solution offered by Radical GPS Tracking Service

  • Radical GPS Vehicle Tracking Service offers a customised solution to Trucks, Cargo Vehicles, Containers, Tankers and other Utility Vehicles based their specifc business needs with custom functionality if necessary
  • Real time tracking of operator’s vehicles and reporting the results in a way that is most suitable for the specific needs of the fleet operator.
  • Daily trip reports with comprehensive station analytics.
  • Automatic Alerts upon Check-in and Check-out of predefined locations. Alerts can be generated by SMS, Phone Call or Email.
  • Real time information dashboard for the entire fleet in text format as well as maps.
  • Showing the real time location of all vehicles on a map with vital information such as travel path, current location, speed etc.
  • Vehicle travel history and travel path maps for the last 15 days (or as needed).

Here are some of the Features of Radical Global Tracking system


  • Real time tracking of customer’s vehicles
  • Vehicle current location maps with detailed information
  • Vehicle travel path history maps for upto 15 days or as needed
  • All vehicles current location map with location and speed information
  • Comprehensive Trip Information Report for the entire fleet
  • Comprehensive Route Analytics
  • Station Entry, Station Exit SMS Alerts as needed
  • Reports (Web Acess and Scheduled Email Reports)

  • Admin User Role and View Only Users.
  • Geo fence at entire route level
  • Custom locations naming on map at user level
  • Vehicle partisioning at user level
  • Location based notifications such as arrival information, station entry, station exit etc by Phone, SMS or Email
  • Fleet Current Location Dashboard
  • Daily Trips Report
  • Daily Speeding Report
  • Distance Travlled in Kilometers Report
  • Stops with duration Report
  • Restricted Driving Hours Report.

Android Mobile application

  • Current location maps with detailed location information
  • All trackers current location dashboard.
  • Tracker travel path history maps for upto 15 days or as needed


More information about GPS tracking

If you don’t have any experience about the operation of GPS Trackers or Tracking Software, please look at our GPS Tracking – system Image which is a short and simple summary of the most important information.

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